ZZbetter had a great TIIE in Iran for tungsten carbide

2020-03-17 Share

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

How are you? As you have known, zzbetter attended the TIIE(Tehran International Industrial Exhibition) this early October. This Tuesday my colleagues went back from the exhibition with harvest. We got order over 200,000.0USD there, and there are many potential customers we can follow up. It is a wonderful exhibition as other exhibitions we have attended before.

What we have taken to our exhibition? We took tungsten carbide rods, tungsten carbide strips, tungsten carbide saw tips and brazing tips, tungsten carbide heading dies and drawing dies, tungsten carbide blades and round discs, tungsten carbide rings and rollers, tungsten carbide end mills and inserts, PCD inserts, CBN inserts, etc. ZZbetter locates in the tungsten carbide town, we can offer you one-stop-shopping service.

From 2015, zzbetter started to attend exhibitions, to now we have three years' experience, but we have attended over 8 times of exhibitions. We learn from every exhibition and conclude our advantages and disadvantages, then we become who we are now.

Hope all your effort will be rewarded, like us.

Blow is a photo took in TIIE, for you to have a look.


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