WC price is up after Cobalt price crazily increasing

2020-03-17 Share

The price of Cobalt increased how much?

Last December, Cobalt is RMB 220 per kg. In the end of Jan,2017, the Cobalt price is RMB 380 per kg. After the Chinese New year, the cobalt price increased to RMB 450 a kg, Today, the quotation of cobalt is RMB 520 per kg!  During the two month, the price of Cobalt has increased RMB 300 a kg, more then one and half.

I remember in the year of 2008, the cobalt price increased from RMB 380 to RMB 850 a kg. Someone buy two tons cobalt, then earn much money from the two tons cobalt. If last year we have bought some cobalt with price of RMB 250 a kg, today, we could sold it at twice of that price. 

From the day before yesterday, price of WC started to up too. It is just 175 last year, now it is 195 or so, it will keeps rising!

I do think the price should be increased, both Cobalt and WC are un-recycleble material, with price 175 or 220 or too cheap. In my idea, the price should be above RMB 400.

If there are no cobalt, nickle, or WC, there will be no tungsten carbide!

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