Exhibition in Iran of Tehran International Industry

2020-03-17 Share

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Last October, ZZBETTER members had vent to Iran for the Tehran International Industry Exhibition. The visit to Tehran Iran was great. Iran has been a very mysterious and special country in our mind. This country has rich oil resource, long history and special tradition, people there is hostile and friendly. I read a book name "The Kite Runner" wrote by an Afghanistan writer, he mentioned the development of Iran, who has similar experience as Afghan.

Knowing a place with your own eyes and feet is always an exciting thing. We showed our tungsten carbide mining tips, brazing tips, mining buttons, tungsten copper welding rods of composite for mining, stone quarrying and oil drilling field, also we took our high quality carbide rods, strips, disc cutters, end mills and CNC inserts. See a photo took in the exhibition with our customers:


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