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Welding Materials

Tungsten carbide composite rods


grade Chemical compositions(%)
WC Cu+Zn+Sn Co
BT-Cu-30 64-67 30±2 3.8-4.2
BT-Cu-40 53-56 40±2 4.6-4.8
BT-Cu-45 48-52 45±2 4.2-4.5
BT-Cu-50 44-48 50±2 3.8-4.2


Item Carbide grain size          (mm) Available width     (mm) Available  length  (mm)
1 1.6-3.2 (20-22 )                                      (18-20 )                      (10-12) 280- 450
2 3.2-4.8
3 4.8-6.4
4 6.4-8.0
5 8.0-9.5
6 9.5-11.0

Down hole tools
Agricultural/mining equipment
Turbine Blades
Tool joints
Extruder barrels and screws

Our Advantages:
1. Good raw material. Crushing only scrapped carbide anvil to make the grits, guarantee the grits are in same grade and high hardness.
2. Good shape. Using round hole sifter, guarantee the crushed carbide grits are very average and in excellent round shape.
3. Good transparency. Using 211 copper as flux, make the composite rods in great mobility and easy to be welded.
4. Mature sintering technique, guarantee that the composite rods are in  golden color, and easy to be welded.
Cast tungsten carbide welding rodss


Type Range of particle size(Mesh) Pipe OD(mm) Pipe length(mm) Cast tungsten carbide powder (%) Chrome steel        (%)
YZ2 -20~+30 7~7.15 390+5 60~70 40~30
YZ3 -30~+40 6~6.15 390+5 60~70 40~30
YZ4 -40~+60 5~5.15 390+5 60~70 40~30
YZ5 -60~+80 4~4.15 390+5 60~70 40~30

Diamond Drilling Tools
Drill Pipe Stabilisers
Agricultural Tools
Industrial Diamond Tools
Grinding Tools
Wear Protection
How to choose:
Cast tungsten carbide welding rods are mainly used as pile-up welding on the surface of metal parts to enhance its wear ability.
1. Generally YZ2(-20~30mesh) is used in thick electrode surfacing work and work requirements for scraping role of the parts and components.
2.If required welding layer is 3 to 4mm, using YZ3(-30~40mesh) multi-electrode;
3. If surfacing request is thin layer formation, the best choice is YZ4(-40~60mesh) or more granular tubular alloy electrode.
Tungsten carbide grits

Tungsten carbide grit provides long lasting wear protection in areas of high abrasive wear. It is used to protect costly parts such as bulldozer blades, bucket teeth, wood grinding hammers, trencher teeth, and a wide variety of other consumable components. Tungsten Carbide grit is an efficient means of protecting machinery and machinery parts by providing a significant increase in the longevity of those parts. This decreases downtime and reduces the cost involved with unprotected parts.

Grade Chemical compositions(%) Grain size            (Mesh) Application
YG8 82 8 1-3, 3-5 , 5-8  ,8-10    
10-20, 20-30, 30-40 40-60,60-80
Woodwaste     Agriculture         Wear Parts        Plows Attachments      Drilling
Cast tungsten carbide powder

Cast tungsten carbide powder, commonly referred to as W2C, is an extremely hard material used in a variety of applications. With a eutectic structure, high melting point and hardness, which aid in wear protection and wear resistance properties. The material is manfactured from a blend of carbon, tungsten and tungsten carbide powder and is silver/grey in colour with a sharp blocky particle shape.

Chemical compositions:

Commodity grade Chemical compositions(≤)
W T.C. F.C. Ti Ni Co Cr V Fe
Cast tungsten carbide BT-20101 95-96 3.8-4.1 0.05 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.3
BT-20102 rest 3.8-4.1 0.05 0.1 3~6 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.3

Physical performance:

Hardness(HRA) Microhardness(kg/mm) density(g/cm³) melting point(℃) Specific Density(g/cm³)
93.0~93.7 2500-3000 16.5 2525 15.8~16.7
Character:  Because of its high melting point, high hardness, high wear resistance, characteristics, it has a high temperature, wear and impact resistance properties.
Particle size ranges:  8~0.038mm