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Mining Drilling Tools

Mining Drilling Tools
Zhuzhou Better Tungsten Carbide supply many kinds of carbide rock and mining drill bits. This kind of mining bits are often applied in Mine machinery tools, Coal Cutter Drilling Tools. Carbide rock  tool bits are widely used in mining industry. As we all know, They are for mining tools, Rock tools, Quarrying, Mining, Tunnelling, Construction and so on. Button bits made with best quality 45CrNiMoVA alloy steel bar and YK05 tungsten carbide, through heat treatment like Atlas.
Mining Drilling Tools
Models NO. Diameter(mm) Taper(aº) Alloy NO.
D d
Q32-723 32 23 6º 7º 12º Y K 0 5
Q34-723 34
Q36-723 36
Q38-723 38
Q40-723 40
Q42-723 42
Q45-723 45
Q50-723 50

 Models No. Diameter (mm)  Threaded figure Alloy NO.
Q45-R25 45 R25 A B D
Q50-R25 50
Q50-R32 50 R32
Q55-R32 55
Q60-R32 60
Q65-R32 R38 65 R32  R38
Q76-R38 T38 T45 76 R38 T38 T45
Q89-T38 T45 89 T38  T45
Q102-T45 T51 102 T45  T51
Q115-T51 115 T51
Q127-T51 127