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ZZbetter' Holiday in Australia


Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

We went to Australia in August.

Australia is one of the most impressive country I've ever visited. It has great seascape, delicious seafood, cute animals, beautiful city and hospitality people. We mainly visited Melbourne and Sydney. In Melbourne we visited Philip Island to watch the smallest penguin in the world go back home, and then drove along the Great Ocean Road to enjoy the beautiful see shore view. Also we went to Melbourne University to recall our University life.

In Sydney, The Sydney Opera House is a place you can never miss, and then we went to Port Steven, our client took us to go fishing on the sea with his own boat, and to encounter whale, shark and Dolphin. Wollongong is also a place you must take a visit. All are amazing places.

At the end of our holiday, we visited the Aimex Exhibition. As one of the biggest mining filed exhibition, there showed many products related to mining filed, such as drills, mining machines, and other related products(as a tungsten carbide manufacture, of course we mainly focus on tungsten carbide related companies).